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face makeup brush

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blush makeup brush:Blush brush refers to a flat brush smaller than honey, and the top of the brush is arranged in a semicircle.

A good blush brush can make the rouge sweep easily and naturally. Dip the brush into the cheek red powder, lightly remove the excess powder and then put on makeup. The color is not enough to replenish it. It can also be used as honey powder brush or residual brush. Rouge makeup with a cheek brush to create Rouge makeup to enhance women's softness index and the usual pink feeling of blush is different, party blush conveys not only cute so simple, three-dimensional gloss is the best state of blush.face makeup brush

The large round head brush has excellent halo dyeing effect and is the foundation for good blush. The same is blush brush, but the brush with different shapes has different advantages in the brush function. Mastering subtle differences can help you successfully create the best blush effect. Brush around the cheek with flat head brush to better emphasize the contour of blush. Brush the cheek with a small brush and brush the cheekbones with pearlescent ingredients on the zygomatic bone.

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