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ONINE-PUF-Poly Poly-Acryl Gel

Product Details

New,innovative method;

A hybrid of gel and acrylic systems,combining the best features of both systems in one product;

1)Doesn't  flow into nail edges,Easy handling;

2)Good file characteristics;

3)High mechanical resistance after curing;

4)Very stable gel-stronger than conventional UV gels;

5)More flexible than acrylics;

6)Applicable for all nail types and lengths,odorless,minimal tacky residue;

7)Curing:UV(2 minutes) or LED(60 to 120 seconds);

Slipper solution:Made of cleaning brush residue,Moisten the gel brush and assists polyacryl gel into better shape ,Small odor;

Clear nail form:Not reduce light through,get better curing result.Special design,assists polyacryl gel into better shape;

Gel brush:is a high-performance sculpting brush.Brush made of kolinsky hair and nylon hair;

Our 8 standard colors:Bright white;Semi-clear white;Light pink;Rose plum;Pink flame;Cover blush;Cover Nude;Natural clear

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