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Torsion springs

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Guide to Measuring Compression Springs

Thank you for considering AFR precision technology as your spring resource. In this brief guide we will be covering how to measure compression springs so that you will be well equipped to order your desired product.

Tools we recommend you have before you start are:

A micrometer, which should be used whenever possible 


A ruler or tape measure for large springs 

In this guide we will be using the easily measurable and large compression spring to show the steps clearly.

1 Measure the wire diameter.

AFR precision techology is an ISO-9001 certified precise torsion spring manufacturer and solutions provider for problems involving compression springs, precise torsion springs, extension and garter springs. We design and manufacture a wide variety of snap rings and flat form products such as bow and leaf springs. We offer spring design and engineering services to help maximize the performance of your design. Additional services include NDT, mechanical testing, shot peening, plating and complete heat and lot traceability.  Client-focused capabilities include expert technical support, quick-response product delivery and e-commerce convenience. Skilled technicians design, prototype and supply products that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Precision torsion springs are produced from rectangular or round wire. It is more typical for a manufacturer to use round wire because of the premium cost of rectangular wire. Additionally, precision torsion springs are normally heat-treated at a low temperature to stabilize the end positions. These types of springs are used to apply a torque or store rotational energy and can also be referred to as helical springs.

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