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Uma Thurman Has Embarrassing Makeup Malfunction

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It’s no secret that stars look different when they have their makeup on from how they’re like au naturel – then again, most women do. Some of them are even more unrecognizable when they overdo it with the makeup.

The other night, Uma Thurman overdosed on face powder and then showed up at The Feminist Press at the City University of New York’s 40th annual gal, the Mirror informs.

While her makeup malfunction was probably not painfully visible in daylight, under the glare of so many spotlights, it became so – and no one had the heart to tell the star.

Uma, though otherwise looking as gorgeous as ever, had visible traces of powder on her nose, under her eyes and on her temples, which prompted many to say she looked like she’d dunked her face in flour.

When she took to the stage to address the crowd, this became even more visible. Oddly enough, no one told her about it so Uma did not fix the faux pas.

“Despite posing for photos after the New York event, no one had the heart to tell her she's dusted powder over her nose, hairline and under her eyes,” the Mirror writes.

“It is not known whether the 40-year-old’s stylist or make-up artist was at fault, or if she’d done it herself before taking to the stage,” says the same publication.

Seeing how it’s most likely a stylist at fault, jokes like “Forget Bill, kill makeup artist” almost wrote themselves after photos of the star ended up online.

“We couldn’t pay any attention to what Uma was saying, we were too busy looking at all that powder,” an onlooker says for the Mirror about the mishap.

As also noted above, the strong lighting on the podium where Uma spoke made the matters only worse.

“We couldn’t believe there was so much. It looked like she’d just rushed out of the kitchen after baking a cake. She must have been mortified when she realized and that no one told her,” the same onlooker points out.

Then again, to get an idea of how strong lighting on the red carpet can be, one should note that Uma is not the only one to have had such a makeup malfunction.

Nicole Kidman also showed up with a white powdery face at the premiere of “Nine,” Bradley Cooper did a red carpet festivity with excessively tanned face and pale neck, and even the Queen of England posed at a function with a nose covered in white powder.

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