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AI Command and Control loyal service

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AI Command and Control

AI Command and Control loyal service。As one consequence, workplace democracy (sometimes referred to as Workers' self-management) has become both more common and more advocated, in some places distributing all management functions among workers, each of whom takes on a portion of the work. However, these models predate any current political issue, and may occur more naturally than does a command hierarchy. All management embraces to some degree a democratic principle—in that in the long term, the majority of workers must support management. Otherwise, they leave to find other work or go on strike. Despite the move toward workplace democracy, command-and-control organization structures remain commonplace as de facto organization structures. Indeed, the entrenched nature of command-and-control is evident in the way that recent[when?] layoffs have been conducted with management ranks affected far less than employees at the lower levels.[citation needed] In some cases, management has even rewarded itself with bonuses after laying off lower-level workers.[24]

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There are other applications for AI identity management and access control.

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