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The finish of the spring surface

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In recent years, the surface of the spring has been treated by the spring designers.The finishing (finishing) process is to put the spring directly into a series of finishing machines, such as tilting centrifugal type or spiral vibrating type, eddy current type, and add appropriate grinding materials, grinding agents and water for finishing.General optical finishing is about 20 to 30min. Specific optical finishing time depends on the spring shape and the amount of device.After finishing the finish, remove the spring and rinse it with tap water, then immerse in the SM series water film replacement anti-rust oil for several minutes before removing.At this time, a 5 rust-proof oil film is attached to the surface of the spring, which protects the spring from rust.This process greatly reduces the traditional and tedious processes, such as degreasing, cleaning, pickling, and hydrogen removal.At present, the spring adopting light decoration (integral) technology is: plunger spring for oil pump and fuel injector pressure adjusting spring;Support spring for refrigerator compressor, etc.The comparison of the performance (life) and corrosion resistance between the photofinishing (finishing) treatment and the conventional oxidation or coating treatment of the spring is still to be further tested and practiced.


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