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Type of paint used on spring surfaces

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The paint used for the spring coating is usually of the following types:

(1) asphalt paint has good water resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, especially excellent acid resistance and good alkali resistance.But adhesion, mechanical strength, poor decorative performance.

(2) phenolic paint can be divided into two types: primer and topcoat. Phenolic primer has strong adhesion, good rust resistance, but poor mechanical strength and gloss.Phenolic coating film is hard, gloss good, but poor weather resistance, easy to yellow.

(3) alkyd paint alkyd paint film is tough, with strong adhesion, good mechanical properties, excellent gloss, good durability and certain oil resistance and insulation properties.Its drawback is that the surface dry fast and long adhesive time, easy wrinkle, water resistance, alkali resistance.

(4) epoxy paint epoxy paint has strong adhesion, high hardness, good toughness, flexural resistance, impact resistance, hard but not brittle, excellent resistance to water, acid, alkali and many organic solvents, especially alkali resistance.The disadvantages are fast surface flour and high solvent selectivity.Water-soluble epoxy paint for electrophoresis coating.

In general, the paint layer can be used alone or as a phosphide stain.Sometimes, there are springs


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