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Jasmine Gibson

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Beauty makeup tools

As we all know, YiFei Colorful Industrial Co,.LtdBeauty makeup tools wholesale sales has been in a steady state as the Beauty makeup tools market continues to be well-served. On the "Jasmine Gibson" topic discussion, YiFei based on the current Natural hair makeup brush expertise, to explain the relevant information for everyone.

Jasmine Gibson

Hailing from sunny Warrington, I spend my days filling you in on the best beauty tips on our social media channels. But the obsession doesn't end there; I am always hunting down new products and being Vegan, nothing makes me happier than discovering an amazing Cruelty Free beauty brand! My signature look is a bold bright lip with winged eyeliner.


The MAC Makeup Brush Bible

Find out more about MAC makeup brushes and tools, with our exclusive and in-depth guide.

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The Making of an Icon: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

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Imogen Hudson's Beauty Secret

Discover the secret behind Imogen Hudson's gorgeous complexion with her easy skincare tips.

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How to Bake Your Makeup

Have you heard of baking your makeup? Find out what that means and our step-by-step guide.

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A Beauty Chat with PUR Cosmetics Ambassador Lynnette Cole

We talk to former Miss USA Lynette Cole about makeup and beauty in her role as ambassador for PUR Cosmetics.

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