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electronic flow meter all specifications and Super discount

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electronic flow meter

electronic flow meter all specifications and Super discount。As reported in CDI Machinery, electronic flow meter is one of the key directions for future growth as the main direction of convergence for electronic metering nozzle and electronic metering nozzle. So, should everyone's interest, CDI Machinery responsible editor for you to talk more automatic shutoff nozzle information content.

One of the most important functions for the pump is to accurately measure the amount of fuel pumped. Flow measurement is almost always done by a 4 stroke piston meter connected to an electronic encoder. In older gas pumps, the meter is physically coupled to reeled numerical displays (moving wheels or cylinders with numbers on the side), while newer pumps turn the meter's movement into electrical pulses using a rotary encoder. In the U.S. flow speed is limited to 10 gallons per minute for cars and 40 gallons per minute for trucks. This flow rate is based on the diameter of the vehicle's fuel filling pipe, which limits flow to these amounts.

Wenzhou Xiaoding Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhoushanxia, Zhangbao, DongOu Street, Yongjia County, the company's main electronic flow meter, digital fuel meter products, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. CDI Machinery has a strict, scientific management system and perfect R & D laboratory equipment. After years of practical application, developed a cost-effective electronic flow meter products.

With the new flow meter, when a problem is detected it will shut down your sprinkler system.

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