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radar system second to none

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radar system

radar system second to none。Under the policy, radar system industry is expected to accelerate its development. On the "radar system second to none" professional issues to explore, based on the previous knowledge and experience of SentryX professional level, to give you a detailed explanation of radar surveillance professional information.

The non-relevant real time returns can be removed from the displayed information and a single plot displayed. In some radar systems, or alternatively in the command and control system to which the radar is connected, a radar tracker is used to associate the sequence of plots belonging to individual targets and estimate the targets' headings and speeds.

Long way, its repair Xi Xi. In the future development, Chengdu Sentry X Co., Ltd will gradually increase its capital investment and strive to become a radar system enterprise group of "specialized, large-scale and integrated" with leading technology and scale in China's radar surveillance industry. The future, let us work together with the SentryX, sincere cooperation, continue to exceed, build a new career dream!

next to a radar system, all covered by a camouflage net.  (ImageSat International)

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