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The history of spring

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The precision of the clock made the precision of the spring a necessity for the first time.Another area of firearm, push spring development.At the dawn of the industrial revolution, large, accurate, cheap springs were proposed.Whereas clockmaker 'springs are often manufactured by hand, the springs are mass-produced from harpsichord wires or similar materials.Advanced manufacturing methods make springs ubiquitous.Computer-controlled wire and sheet bending machines allow custom spring processing, which is obviously a special machine.The spring is just an energy storage device. It has the function of storing energy, but it cannot release energy slowly. To realize the gradual release, the function should be realized by "spring + large transmission ratio mechanism", which is commonly seen in mechanical watch.Springs have been used for a long time, and the ancient bow and crossbow were two kinds of springs in a broad sense.The inventor of the spring was strictly Robert ooke, a British scientist. Although the helical compression spring had appeared and was widely used at that time, hooke proposed the "hooke's law" -- that the amount of spring elongation was proportional to the amount of force received.Soon the springs for clocks and watches made on this principle were invented by hooke himself.


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