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How to Get the Right Kind of Blush

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A woman’s makeup is a fashion statement, just like the clothes and the accessories she wears are. If you've got the last two down properly, there's really no need to ruin everything by going for what could be considered an uninspired makeup. There are several common mistakes that can easily be overlooked, but the “blush that should make you blush” is not one of them. If chosen or applied in the wrong way, the natural look that you were actually aiming for will turn out to be clownish - and we’re not talking of a happy clown either.

When taking to cosmetic stores, bear in mind that each type of blush targets a different age, except for the most popular and the most long-lasting powder blush. Teens should use a gel blush, as they've got impeccable skin, wonderful natural colors and all they actually need is an extra touch on their cheeks. For mature women, who have a much dryer skin, the best choice would be a creamy formula, as the emollient ingredients are meant to keep the skin moisturized, which is exactly what it needs.

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Choosing the color that suits you best depends mostly on the color of your skin: pale skin, for instance, goes with rose nuances, while medium skin tones could safely go even with more intense colors, like red. Olive-skinned women should definitely try peachy nuances, while those with a darker skin can go on a dare and try violet and really bright pinks.

Beware of wearing too much blush, though, and make sure that, no matter how much of it you apply, it is uniform. Makeup experts believe that the best moment to put on blush is when the foundation is applied and you're done with the eyes and the lips. You should not fear you might exaggerate in terms of color and/or quantity, as you can easily anticipate the exact amount of natural shine your face needs and deserves.

From now on, all that’s left for you to do is to just smile. Do it anyway, even if you're not in the right mood, because smiling makes your cheekbones, and the blush applied onto them, stand out even more, contouring and making your face more feminine than ever. Nevertheless, don't even think about applying blush on your forehead or your chin, because the effect of that will be the exact opposite of what you’re looking for, since it will make your face contrast with your neck, which is fairer by nature.

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