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Beware of what your child watches

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Vadodara: Parents should not leave their children to watch cartoons alone as children have a problem to differentiate between reality and fantasy of the cartoon world.

This is what a study done by a masters student of M S University on 'primary care taker's perception about the influence of cartoons on child's behaviour and parenting style' has suggested.

Ruchika Jain, a master student of Department of Psychology at MSU's Faculty of Education and Psychology had carried out the study in which 140 primary caretakers, most of them mothers, with children in the age group of six to eleven years, were taken as a sample.

The study has revealed that an average child spends two to five hours watching cartoons every day. While children in the age group of two to five years watch cartoon 32 hours every week, those between six to eleven years watch cartoon for 28 hours in a week.

"Cartoon teaches both positive and negative behaviour to a child. If the parent neglects and does not play any significant role then the child learns negative behaviour from cartoon," said Kiransinh Rajput, assistant professor of the Department of Psychology, who guided the research.

Nowadays, since both the parents are working couple, they do not have time for children and because of internet, children can access cartoon at any place by using cell phones, the study suggests.

"Also, since the concept of providing separate kids room and television to child has picked up, many children watch cartoons without any supervision. In such cases, it is necessary that parents spend at least half an hour in a day to discuss, clear doubts and queries of the child to make them help discriminate between reality and fantasy," said Rajput.

According to researchers, there are three types of parenting style - neglecting (those parents who leave their child alone without supervision), authoritarian (does not allow kids to watch cartoons) and responsive (which supervises kids while they watch cartoons).

The best parenting style according to them is responsive in which a parent sits with the child so that the child learns the right things.

The negligence by parents often result in negative behaviour of the child which makes the child verbally or physically aggressive, the child learns to cheat, speak lies, adopt short cuts, misbehaves with peers or disrespects and insults others.

"The authoritarian parenting style is also not useful as in internet age you cannot completely control a child. In fact, it has a spring effect on the child," he said.

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